Finding A Trustworthy Catalytic Converter Buyer

Scrap Catalytic Conver PRices

We found this info on how to sell scrap catalytic converters in the US in a YouTube video and thought you would like read it

Hey scrappers come from all over the US. People are often asking how they can find a trustworthy catalytic converter buyer in their area. SO here are a few things to look for  when trying to figure out where to sell your scrap catalytic converters in the US.

If they only have a printout, if they don’t really have a location. If you get the sniff test, if it doesn’t smell right when you talk to them for the first time that’s, probably a great indication that they’re, not going to be a great cap.

Buyer now you can look over to your right and you’re, going to be able to see a big box of cats. A lot of cats will try to show you that they have these items, so maybe they’ve accumulated them, or maybe they’re empty catalytic converters.

You want to ask them about their grading, how they do it ahead of time. This way, when you go to sell your cat, you’re, going to be able to take the material that you have and try to compare it to other things that they have.

So the prices are comfortable if they start to add a lot of phrases into the catalytic converters. Words that you’ve, never heard before, and that you’re unfamiliar with. If you ask about them, and they don’t.

Give you a clear answer that’s, another part of the sniff test and you’re, going to want to say yeah something. Doesn’t smell right. There’s, a lot of great online catalytic converter buyers that you can find and use Midwestern Auto Parts in Tulsa Oklahoma is one of the most reputable in the US


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