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Looking for Where to Sell Scrap Catalytic Converters? You Found us! Best Prices on scrap catalytic converters.

Recycling Catalytic Converters

Sell Scrap Catalytic Converters
How Can We Offer More Money Than Others?

The Answer is simple. We are a large metal recycling center with the latest technology to reclaim the metals inside Catalytic Converters. We have offshore buyers who trust us to provide them with the best metals for their manufacturing facilities.

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Midwest Metal Recycling, pays you the highest prices for your catalytic converters. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and welcome catalytic converters from both Oklahoma and from anywhere in the U.S. For the best prices on Scrap Catalytic Converters Call us today at (918) 215-3078 .

How Much is your catalytic converter worth?

That’s a good question. It is sort of like how long will my tires last? Catalytic converters can be worth anywhere from $10.00 to $1500 dollars. It all depends on what year, make and model vehicle the scrap catalytic converters come from. When scrap catalytic converters are recycled precious metals are reclaimed. Depending on what year and model of the vehicle determines how much reclaimable metals are in the catalytic converter. The best thing to do is to send us a pic on the catalytic converter showing the serial number.

bulk catalytic converter buyers

If you are looking for who buys bulk catalytic converters. You are at the right website. Looking to sell one Catalytic converter or looking Bulk Catalytic Converter Buyer that is us! For bulk sellers take a few pics of individual converters and a pic of the whole group of converters. We will try to get you as accurate a price as we can. You can also call (918) 215-3078 and talk with Mark. We will work with you on shipping your scrap catalytic converters. A good rule of thumb to figure out what are current scrap catalytic converter prices. Click on the link and add 15-20% more on to those prices at times it is much higher. We are able to pay more for scrap catalytic converters because we are large volume dealer and sell overseas.

Scrap Catalytic Converter prices
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